About Us

Rapid development in India has opened a plethora of exciting opportunities for investors, which can be explored on our website. Kharadeals aims to provide a dynamic interactive platform that connects project promoters and potential investors across the world to enhance the ease of doing business in India. Through Kharadeals, promoters can access a global platform to showcase their projects and deals to investors from around the globe, while investors can search for preferred investment opportunities, and connect with the promoters.

Kharadeals is a startup that focuses on formalizing the entire process of a business deal ensuring transparency, integrity, and confidentiality to promoters and investors. We are a team of professionals having expertise in Business Management, Industry Practice, Accountancy, Secretarial, Finance, and Legal. Every potential deal to be listed on our website is analyzed for business, finance, tax, and legal aspects by our team which guarantees investors of the best available deal. From assisting with finding the best deal to consummation, to showcasing cutting-edge advice and consultancy related to all facets of the business deal, the team at Kharadeals offers each new investor the panoramic scope of the opportunity and ways to navigate it.

Count on us to help you search, promote and connect with the best investment opportunities.