Project Details

Fractional Digital Real Estate Investment
  • Under Conceptualization
  • Under Development
  • Under Implementation
  • Completed
IndustryReal Estate
Project Timeline12 Months
Investment Raised0 Lakhs
Project Start Date2024-03-31
Project Completion Date2024-09-30
Minimum Investment in Rs10000
Total Project Cost: 133 Lakhs

Project Details

Bangalore Rental Housing Investment Opportunity

Why Bangalore?

1. The IT & Start-up Capital of India, supplemented by other economic activities like aerospace & defence, biotech, R & D and manufacturing

2. Large scale migration and increasing population density (almost 12,000 per sq km currently)

3. Organised Real Estate development ecosystem with professionally managed stakeholders, growing steadily over the years

4. Multiple established real estate micro-markets with developed social infrastructure like healthcare, education, retail and entertainment

5. Fastest growing Tier I city in India in terms of personal income and wealth


Reduce risk - Investing in a diversified portfolio of properties

Convenience - Easy to buy & sell, 1 SQFT at a time

Hassle free - Professional Property Management Services by Master Property Manager (MPM)

Long term Investment Profit

• Long term capital appreciation

• Periodic rental income


Investment Size and Price Band

Minimum Investment Size : 1 ALT.SQFT

Investment Amount : Rs 9,300 - 9,700/ALT.SQFT

Limited Period Concession

Buy 10 or more ALT.SQFT and get 3% cashback

Buy 25+ ALT.SQFT get 1 ALT.SQFT Free

Buy 50+ ALT.SQFT & get 3 ALT.SQFT Free

Buy 75+ ALT.SQFT & get 5 ALT.SQFT Free

Investment Highlights

~2.1x Potential Long Term Capital Gain*

~11 % Potential IRR*

~ Rs 19,000 - Potential Long Term/ALT.SQFT Price (8-10 years)*

*The potential returns of the investment cannot be guaranteed.

*The above Illustration depicts specific Investment scenario where investor sells 1/3 of ALT.SQFT in the 8th, 9th & 10th year

respectively. Returns may vary with different exit scenarios.?

**This return is inclusive of Limited Period Concession